Controllers CS1 and CS2

Developed for controlling the operating sequence of baghouses and compressed air cannons. They feature up to 16 outputs. If more outputs are required, a second controller can be installed in the system. They offer the following advantages:

1. Compact size Being the smallest controller in the market, the CS1 and CS2 are space saving in the electrical panels. They can be easily installed as replacement for defective or obsolete equipments without changes to the electrical installations.

2. Immune to electrical noise Equipped with optocouplers, which insulates the control unit from the power line, thus becoming immune to electrical noises.

3. Universal power supply 110 or 220VAC of auto selection Allows for quick and safe exchange between areas with different voltages and eliminates the risk of failures and maintenance due to wrong connections.

4. Male-Female connection All cables are connected with male-female connectors for quick exchange in case of replacement.

5. Digital Programming Programming is done thru DIP-switches, which, in case of exchange, allows for the exact repetition of the program to the new equipment. Control of times is set up by quartz crystal for a precise repetition of adjustments.

6. Independent actuation and signaling They can activate up to 16 independent solenoid valves and all outputs are signaled by LEDs.

We have sold more than 500 units of the controller CS1 and CS2. According to operators feedback, our controllers have not presented operational problems of any kind since start up.

Our defect free record of 3285 days (as of February 1st, 2012) can be explained by the above mentioned advantages, resulting in a highly reliable equipment, capable of producing substantial cost benefit results by eliminating emergency stops.